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oh my fucking god i actually have never noticed that before and can you really take a look at that fucking subtle as shit lip quiver and tell me there is nothing gay going on between them?

Cas is an angel. Cas has never cried, and probably never will. But here, in this moment, where Dean is disappointed and let down by him, Castiel’s fucking lip quivers. He can’t believe what he’s just done, knows he’s made a huge mistake, and the fact that Dean wants nothing to do with him is such an agonizing thought that this stoic motherfucker is going to cry.

And of course, he zaps out of there before we see it, but you know, wherever the hell he went, the second he was alone, the strength went out of his legs and his knees buckled. He crouched down on his haunches, pushed his palms hard against his burning eyes to try and stop the tears from flowing, and let out a couple sobs before he stood back up, wiped his eyes (which he will never admit were wet) and let his usual façade settle back onto his face while he made up his mind: nothing, and I mean nothing, not Heaven, not Hell, and not God, was more important to him than Dean Winchester.

I would like to applaud the acting of Misha Fucking Collins.

I am amazed at how well he thinks through his character, to the minor details that aren’t scripted.

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